POLE-SUD – CDCN Strasbourg

Originally a “Dance Venue”, then “A Nationally Approved Venue for Dance and Music”, POLE-SUD received CDC status in November 2015. For years this venue has supported the development of dance through its aesthetic diversity, operating on both a local and an international level. It also hosts numerous artists-in-residence through its residency program, Les Accueils Studio, in addition to its annual programming and its two festivals, EXTRADANSE and EXTRAPOLE. With its music and dance school and its resource room “La Danse-Othèque,” it has offered, workshops and classes for amateurs, creating excitement around its family programs and the development of dance culture in general.

Compagnie Amala Dianor
→ associate artist 2016 - 2018

1 rue de Bourgogne
67100 Strasbourg
03 88 39 23 40