Since 2010, each of the CDCs offers local audiences and school children two interactive conferences conceived by the CDC Toulouse / Midi-Pyrénées around the history of dance: Dance in 10 Dates and A History of Contemporary Dance in 10 Titles. A third part, A Tour of Urban Dance Around the World in 10 Cities, developed by Ana Pi, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea, has also been touring the centers since 2014.

A history of dance in 10 dates

Compiling ten film excerpts, from Loïe Fuller in 1896, to Philippe Découflé in 1992, A history of dance unfolds around 10 dates representing an intersection of dance and history. This montage is especially revealing of the tools developed to conserve dance: the birth of cinema, then of video, the invention of choreographic notation and, more generally, all the techniques allowing for the conservation of an art like dance whose place in art history depends on these techniques of conservation. The idea is to show that these filmed excerpts have achieved the status of document over time and that, as such, they attest to the evolution of dance in relation with technologies.

A history of contemporary dance in 10 titles

This second part attempts to give a few elements supporting a partial and subjective reading of contemporary dance. Beginning with Merce Cunningham and Pina Bausch, it gives a large panorama of major artists and choreographers from a period or school by tying them back to those two major figures: by filiation or differentiation, and sometimes by opposition with their own experimentations. This volume allows students to familiarize themselves with a few major figures of contemporary dance from the 80s and 90s.

Around the world of urban dance in 10 cities
Compagnie Vlovajob Pru - François Chagnaud and Cecilia Bengolea with Ana Pi
Performed lecture

Presented by Ana Pi, this performance offers a spectacular yet educational shape around the current dances worldwide. Overvoew of a selection of urban dances from Krump in Los Angeles, Dancehall in Kingston, Pantsula à Johannesburg to Voguing in New York, Kuduro in Angola and Passinho in Brazil. Tribute to these cultures and their specificities, this danced conference allows to forge links between the tray and the street.