Le Pacifique | CDCN Grenoble - Auvergne - Rhône-Alpe

In 2004, choreographer Christiane Blaise turned an industrial site into a dance space: le Pacifique. The association owns the space which it has turned into a home for dancers that is dedicated to creating new works. It takes the word “residency” literally, offering artists on-site lodgings.
In 2007, le Pacifique became a CDC: it offers guidance to companies, helping them get set up, build a long-term strategy, and promote their work, which will prove crucial to their survival. Its economic and, at the same time, human approach includes pooling resources and focusing on job creation. In September 2016, Marie Roche took over as director of le Pacifique to develop a locally-based program with a heavy emphasis on pieces that take stock of their context and develop new ways of reaching the public, thus closely combining cultural action with the creation of new works.
Le Pacifique continues to support unique forms of dance by inviting spectators to meetings with companies-in-residence so that they may deepen their understanding of each choreographer’s approach. Le Pacifique also functions as a regional beacon to pool production resources and help companies get known.

Arrangement Provisoire
→ associate artists 2016 - 2018

30 chemin des Alpins
38 100 Grenoble
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