La Briqueterie / CDCN Val-de-Marne

Initiated in 1979, The Val-de-Marne Dance Biennale resulted in the creation of La Briqueterie in 2013, a new site in the heart of the city in Vitry-sur-Seine. The Choreographic Development Center (CDC) dedicates a large portion of its focus to international projects in association with local and regional structures. European projects (Dancing Museums, Migrant Bodies, etc.) provide a structure for programming, including that of the Biennale. La Briqueterie is the French representative of the Aerowaves cooperative network, which supports emerging European choreographers. La Briqueterie hosts sixty companies in residence per year and organizes various outreach and educational activities. The CDC also publishes the dance magazine "Repères, cahier de danse", and in parternship with DU-DFSSU - Université Paris 8, contributes to projects that address the theme "Dance, somatic education, and underserved communities". Placing dance at the center of a social project in a rapidly-shifting urban environment, la Briqueterie CDC envisions cooperation as a an agent of transformation.

CUBe association
→ associate artist 2017 - 2019

17 rue Robert Degert
94407 Vitry-sur-Seine cedex
01 46 86 17 61