Marlene Monteiro Freitas

"Jaguar is the name given to some horses, a dance piece and a marionette show. In Jaguar we are puppets and in this manipulated theatre, we entrust ourselves to others and to their hands: Mandinga d' Soncent, Wolfli, Blaue Reiter, among others. While they are radically different, they also are our own extension. Jaguar is an excerpt, a hunting scene, or indeed a haunted-hunting scene." – Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Like a hunter in the wilderness / I'm gonna try and do my best / I'm gonna use speed and finesse / I'm gonna getcha, getcha [...] Jaguar I am and U are mine / Jaguar – she loves a body fine / In heat, in love, in out, in time / Jaguar I am and U are mine.
Prince, Jaguar.

Good morning you gentlemen, and ladies? What do you want, from, me? I am not among the Tame: And yet no wild animal.
“From the cradle to the grave”, Adolf Wolfli

creation 2016