Atelier de Paris / CDCN

CDC Atelier de Paris is a venue specially designed for dance at the unique Cartoucherie complex in the woods of Paris.
Founded by Carolyn Carlson in 1999 and directed by Anne Sauvage, it covers every facet of dance-related activity (new works, professional training programs, and artistic and cultural education).

A venue for professionals, the CDC Atelier de Paris is devoted to providing dancers and choreographers with continuing education through an international program of masterclasses, and with creative support through a system of residencies (free use of studio and theater spaces, coproduction, technical guidance, and so on).
Largely open to the public, it offers numerous opportunities to meet companies at work, including performances, immersions, open studios, days in the country, and much more.
The highlight of this program is the annual JUNE EVENTS festival, which occupies the theaters of the Cartoucherie for three weeks each year. At the same time, L’Atelier de Paris develops an educational and cultural project for the general public in partnership with companies in residence.

Compagnie Le principe d’incertitude
→ associate artists 2016 - 2018

2, Route du champ de Manœuvres
75012 Paris
01 41 74 17 07