Amala Dianor
associate artist 2016 - 2018
Compagnie Amala Dianor

A  hip-hop dancer, Amala Dianor took a course in 2000 at the National Center for Contemporary Dance (CNDC). He went on to dance for chorographers with very different styles (hip hop, neoclassical and contemporary).
Over the years, Amala built his own choreographic vocabulary. He switched from one technique to another with, ever curious, but what truly attracted him was combining these styles. He choreographed (or co-choreographed) and danced his first pieces with the Collective C dans C. In 2012, he started his own company to continue developing his choreographies. The following year, he created Parallèle a female quartet at the National Dance Center (CND). In 2014, he choreographed the duo Extension with BBoy Junior, a surprising collaboration between two French hip hop personalities. The same year, he choreographed and danced his own solo, Man Rec, which he performed at the Festival dʼAvignon. In 2015, the company produced a regional project entitled Clin d’Oeil du Temps for 18 up-and-coming dancers. That project led to Overflow co-signed by Mickael Le Mer, Pierre Bolo and Annabelle Loiseau. In 2016, he created De(s)génération, a piece that brings together several generations of hip-hop dancers.

On tour

Man Rec
Quelque part au milieu de l'infini
(sortie fin 2016)
De(s)génération (Première le 9 janvier 2016 )
New School